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Cornbread Tactical, 969 Rivers St . | Boone, NC 28607 | Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

The Cornbread TactiGoat

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The Cornbread TactiGoat

(2 customer reviews)


  • All terrain package standard.
  • Compact models available.
  • Benjamin .177 pneumatic rifles.
  • Runs on clean energy.
  • Kid Friendly.
  • Hates Communists.

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Want to keep weeds and communists out of your yard? Look no further. This highly trained, motivated, and fully equipped TactiGoat can be yours. All local and state laws apply. Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements. 



2 reviews for The Cornbread TactiGoat

  1. Charlie

    We bought a Tactigoat from Cornbread some time ago to keep an eye on the place. It actually worked one day when Antifa showed up to protest our flag pole for flying Ole Glory. The Cornbread Tactigoat sprang into action. Lightening fast, ruthless, and badass. One look at my Tactigoat and these idiots dropped their “Feel the Bern” signs and ran away to a safespace. 10/10 would buy again.

  2. Steve

    Arguably the most effective self-defense tool in my EDC. When not in use, this tool doubles as a low cost lawnmower. Highly recommended!

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